OSMBD’2016: An Year in Review…

It’s been an eventful 2016 for the #OSMBD community altogether. More & more people been introduced to to the #OpenStreetMap platform throughout the year and the community kept on flourishing and more and more vibrant.

Under the inspirational mentor ship of Ahasanul Hoque the #YouthMapper chapters were introduced in the educational institutes. Along with the others the first ever all women university chapter of #YouthMappers was introduced in our country!!! It was quite an achievement to put the spotlight on.
We have seen #YouthMappers_DhakaCollege emerging as a formidable unit catching all our eyes with a blast!!! Under the awesome leadership of Sawan Shariar and Atikur Rahman some talented mappers like Ataur Rahman Shaheen has emerged. The team has really been buzzing throughout the later half of the year.

The collaborative effort continued to cooperate with the #Data4Action project by American Red Cross & #BDRCS. Also played supportive role to the DRR project piloted by Asian Development Bank(#ADB) in vulnerable areas at Sirajganj & Barguna District.
It was great to see the android application #KOLOROB launched by Save The Children where the #OSMBD community played a significant role in the development process.

As a part of the regular activity, not many but a handsome number of #Mapathon s were successfully organized. Two of the mapper Shamash Arko & Ataur Rahman Shaheen cruising their positions among the top 5 of the missing maps ladder board and the nomination for the community development award @ #SOTM shows the effort & dedication of the community.

The buzz #OSMBD is making throughout the year wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support from the global community. We would like to thank #hotosm, #MissingMaps, #Mapillary, #YouthMappers, #BDRCS & others for their continuous support and inspiration to the community. Also like to convey our gratitude to individuals like Pete Masters, Shamaun Al Noor, Dan Joseph and others for their continuous support. Without you guys having our back the community wouldn’t have been as it is now.

And Last but not the Least thanks to all the awesome members, the men(this goes for both boyz & girlz) at arms of this vibrant community to make #OSMBD instrumental. And gratitude and respect to Ahasanul Hoque for being the heart of the community and continuously pumping life to it.

Thank YOU!!!

We did it together! And we can do even MORE!!!
Let’s get Rolling… and Rock the Globe!!!

The New Days Awaiting…



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